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My name is Adam Maruf , i am a content creator and an e-commerce expert.

And what i'm about to tell you may be hard  to believe. 

Because i'm going to show you how to make nothing less than $450  weekly and even more money than you ever dreamed possible at home or even in your spare time.

But wait, this was not how it all started for me...

I used to work hard for money. very hard. what's more, i was busy trying to earn a bare living that i had no time to make any real money.

After years of struggle and failure,

I came acrossed a Secret and Proven "blue-print" i used to make Heck and Heck of bucks from creating valuable content...

I wish someone had told me this earlier.. i wouldn't have gone through this unnecessary struggle which made me lose a lot of time on little paid jobs.

After discovering this "blue-print" i will be revealing to you in few minute, everything changed for me.

Now, what i do isn't "work". I play about 3 hours a week and make 4 times my former income...

And Yes!

...You don't need "money".

...You don't need an "office".  just one corner of a spare room is usually sufficient

... Best of all,  you don't need to wait before you get started

I have put everything... years and years of experience ...every secret... in a simple guide.

INTRODUCING: Digital Content Creation (DCC Cohort 3)

Here Are What Folks Are Saying...

Who are those fit for my DIGITAL CONTENTS CREATION COACHING PROGRAM? Let's see...:

👉 You're new to Online Marketing and you want to get started Making at least $100 - $250+ without the whole stress of learning a new skill...

👉 You’re a freelancer. You have skills like copywriting, graphics design, etc...and you’re interested in making an extra $300 - $700+ from selling your services, courses/classes, or information...

👉 You already hold classes, courses, and training and you’re interested in doubling your profits... you want to make pure profits with CONTENTS.

👉 You are interested in content marketing but you don't have a product and you're interested in being part of those who make Millions with their content.

👉 And more...

If any of the above describes you...and you feel this would help you...👇

Here's how it'll work.

  1. 1
    For 30 Days, You would get INTENSIVE hand-in-hand training from me directly.
  2. 2
    You'd have 5, 60 minutes zoom session 1 on 1.
  3. 3
    3, Q&A sessions and complete access to my templates and swipes.

In the sessions we'd be having

👉 How to find and create killer designs for your digital content even if you are not a graphics designer

👉 You will learn a step-by-step process to find a hot market full of problems…and how to find the solutions to the problems

👉How to Create digital content in a niche you have zero to little knowledge about.

👉 You will learn how to create a landing page and how to add a payment processor to your page like a web designer even if you have no EXPERIENCE

👉 Effective Marketing Strategies To Scale Your New Business to 7-figures…and how You can Leverage to even make more sales..

That's not all👇

🔥 You would have exclusive access to ALL my live sessions where I show you how to SELL OUT every content you create even if everyone is selling what you're selling.

🔥You will learn my 3-step-by-step process to find a hot market full of problems without stressing yourself on Market research.

🔥You'll have complete access to me through my number and I will coach you to make your first $500 with your content.

🔥 You would be added to a lifetime WhatsApp community where you would be the FIRST to get Updates from me on HOT CONTENTS that can fetch you MILLIONS

You'd get ;

🔥 A Fully functional Landing page with an already-integrated Payment gateway processed to receive payment internationally

🔥killer designs Template (you won't waste money paying a graphics designer) worth $99.

🔥A 7 secrets Guide to pitch into the foreign market with Facebook ads.

🔥But, that's not all...



“I'd teach you how to get the most attention with your marketing message EVEN IF your market is Crowded"

🔥Fortune Nnamdi

“I'd snap your brain into action with my sales strategies... No long talk, See you on the inside!"

🔥Victory Markson

“You'd get a razor sharp memory on handing objections prospects shoot at you, plus how to make prospects close themselves"

🔥Tarzs Ighor

“Let me teach you how to drive more sales in your business with an indispensable sales FUNNEL"

🔥Seyi James

“Want to quit paying a fortune for your designs? Let me help you"

🔥Zasq Ighor

“I would teach you how to outrank your competitors in the World's Largest Search Engine-Google, outrun SEO and build larger audience for your business"

🔥Ibukun Amusa

“You'd learn how to start up a YouTube channel, Rank Your Video in as little as 24 hours, Plus how to make money selling online courses"


“You'd learn how to use videos to appeal to your prospects and make them connect with you on an emotional level and subsequently buy from you"

Now, I have developed this so you can create your own contents within 3 Days and SELL OUT totally with pure profits of at least 250k Naira.

THIS might not be good for you

BUT if you believe you can make over $500 with my own guide...Then this might be the best gift you'd get this 2021.

To get access I can easily charge you 100,000 Naira But I really want to afford everyone this opportunity.

It should be something most serious people that want to start making serious money can afford.

So for TODAY...

To get access to the program, You'd pay 50,000 Naira only

And I won't charge you a dime for anything more.

Here is the Juicy part of it, You will gain access to my Amazing Bonuses

BONUS #1:   Whatsapp Income Blast (worth N5,000)

What Could You Possibly Get Out of "Whatsapp Income Blast?"

If you just asked yourself this question, relax and get enlightened with the amazing benefits this book has to offer.

#1. " Whatsapp Income Blast" offers you 8 killer-tricky-techniques on how to earn on Whatsapp.

#2. This book offers practical strategies on how to market and effectively sell on WhatsApp.

#3. "Whatsapp Income Blast" shows you how to run a profitable giveaway without having to
actually giveaway your juicy profit".

#4. This book offers you tips and guides on how to run an effective and catchy WhatsApp Ad.

#5. "WhatsApp Income Blast", reveals the methodology of creating and maintaining your WhatsApp Online Store and Whatsapp landing page.

BONUS #2:   2 Ways To Collect Payment Internationally(N3,500)

Here i will reveal to you secret and proven strategy you can implement to collect payment from international customers

BONUS #3: Astalavee

This is a ready-made store builder, with tons of tools built into it, where you upload your digital contents…all you have to do is drive traffic to it.

BONUS #4: How To Run Profitable Facebook Ads (N10,999)

Here you will learn How to Run a Profitable FaceBook Ads for Your Product/Business. Stop doing it the wrong way or you will keep on wasting money to facebook.

BONUS #5: Access To My Private Number

Here you will gain Access to my Personal WhatsApp NUMBER and Private Phone Number for easy communication

BONUS #6: Internet Money Making Secret (N15,500)

Here my friend Tarzs Ighor...

1.  will be revealing to you the secret envelope that will get you employed in any top marketing/ecommerce agency (e.g jumia, konga, jiji etc). So you don't have to worry for your next interview, you will get the job 100% guaranteed. This is a secret envelope 99.9% of your competitors know nothing about and you can easily beat them at their game when you discover this secret.

2.  will be revealing to you the amazing "Lazy Internet Marketer Short-cut" to extracting 1000 - 5000+ organic email list from a traffic source of any precise niche(health, fitness, digital marketing, skincare etc) from all around the globe and dust off the years of stress of building a list from scratch.

3.  will be revealing to you my Secret Ninja Strategy i use to close "high-ticket" deals for obscenely large amount of money even in ad where your prospect can't see or hold your product.

4.  will give you Free access to one of my top selling book "The killer sales writing system" worth that will easily help you seal those damn deal like a pro.

5.  will reveal to you a secret tool you never knew existed to confirm and tell you if your brand name has been used. This is to help you be at a safer side when coming up with a brand name.

6. And finally, he will reveal to you hidden site that you can get paid for testing videos and softwares for completely FREE 

Amazing right, 

He could easily reveal this to you at a price of N25,000 but  But you will be getting it for FREE

What Are You Still Waiting For? .

These Bonuses Alone Worth More Than The Price You Are Paying For... Not just that, These Bonuses are enough to help you Start Making 6-7 figures monthly.

What Are You Still Waiting For? Stop Overthinking and take this action NOW.

After the Timer Elapse, The Price will shoot up drastically. By then, It might Be To Late...


Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

To prove that you can make extra money at home, you have our positive 100% money back guarantee. Order this amazing guide and try it out for 30 days. if you don't like it, simply contact me. I will send you a full refund within 3 working days...no nonsense...no long stories.

"I will say Mr Adam Maruf is one of the best content creator i have ever came across. He knows his onion so well and ensures he takes others  along. Learning from him will be one of the best decision you will ever make this year".

Tarzs Ighor , Founder KSPS.

"It has been a pleasure working with Mr Adams. when it comes to content monetization. He is the Go-To-Guy for that job. Learn from him. A trial will speak"

King David


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do I need a Laptop for this Course?

Can I make payment for the course in Installment?

Can I create the Content on Phone?

How Long is the course?

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